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New York Fashion Week

Fall/Winter 2014/15



Rêves de Vol


My third ‘dream’ collection is a conjuring of the flight of birds and the architectural elements of a fantastical imagined Metropolis. Above the clouds, birds glide through clear air. The colours are bold and intense here – blacks, dark dark blues, emerald greens and deep ruby reds. Creatures of air settle upon soaring, structured deco spires that pierce the clouds to join them.The lightness of feathers is counterpointed by these arcane, architectural elements – strong lines, curves, and complex weavings of leather and fur - augmented by the scintillating sparkle and shimmer of beautiful beading and embroidery.Artisans built this. Specialists. They built it by hand. In my travels I have come across many buildings, colours, textures, and exotic sights that have collectively inspired the ‘Dreams of Flight’ that comprise my latest collection. Rêves de Vol features some short, playful dresses – the night-spot, party-girl venues of the Metropolis. They play alongside elegant floor-length gowns, silks and gems – off to the opera or a ball, or glamorously treading the red carpet. The city may have a dark side, but it is full of light and movement and beauty. The birds dream of the buildings and the buildings dream of flying.


Rêves de Vol

Come fly!

New York Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2014




Fashion Palette New York

Photographer - Camilie

Hair - Cutler Salon New York

Make-up - AJ Crimson

Nails - Priti Please Nail Artist

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